NEW Program Petition

Type of Proposal: New Program

Brief Description of Proposal: This is a TEST proposal. Please ignore this petition.


DEPARTMENT: (See comments or attached approvals)


Sponsoring College/School: FCAS
Sponsoring Department/Program/Area: Communication
Department/Program/Area Level(s):
Sponsoring Faculty: roxanne o’connell

Title of Proposed Addition: masters in global communication

1. Description of the proposed new major, minor, program or core concentration:

this is the description of the proposed new major

2. Rationale for the proposed addition:

this is the rationale for the proposed addition

3. A comprehensive list of new courses, changes to courses, deletions of courses and any other changes involved:

this is a list of the courses

4. Indicate the resources necessary for offering this course:

no resources necessary

5. Proposed catalog copy for any new courses or degree requirements:

this is the catalog copy for the new courses and the degree requirements

6. The impact of the change on the existing program or programs:

this is the impact on the existing programs

7. Time line for implementation of the proposal:

this is the time line


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